Ron Johnson is founder of The Healing House, now The Healing Lab under The Hungry Lab. An entrepreneur, Life Transition Consultant, coach and instructor, he is based out of Toronto, Canada but considers himself a global citizen. He was born in India, raised in Kuwait and spent the rest of his life in multiple cities around the world picking up 5 languages along the way. He is a gold -star certified Canfield trainer in the Canfield Methodology. 

Experience maketh a man and Ron sure has some interesting international experiences to draw from. A recruiter, a banker, an entrepreneur, an author, a coach, a public speaker, a martial artist, a bollywood dance instructor and a philanthropist. He even spent some time as a refugee in a UN peacekeeping camp in Jordan during the first Gulf war. Ron believes true empowerment requires a journey that is as much internal as it is external and facilitates people to get on to the path of success and self discovery. 

Ever since he was twelve years old, people consistently told him that when he grew up, he should become a counselor, a shrink or a priest because he was a great listener. People loved talking to him and he had the innate ability to make them feel good about themselves. Ron ultimately took their advice seriously and pursued his calling in helping people help themselves. His global, multi-cultural background has uniquely equipped him to navigate contradictory, cross-cultural, socio-economic and emotional perspectives, ultimately arriving at a win-win solution.

Ron has an undergraduate degree in Engineering, an MBA specialising in Human Resource Management, and a Masters in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy from Waterloo, Canada. He has over 15 years of experience coaching individuals and teams throughout his corporate career. He has also spent over a year working at a counselling centre helping people cope with challenges related to work, school, business, relationships and family. He finds it extremely fulfilling engaging people from all over the world.

Ron is passionate about continuous learning and teaching. He has completed his 200 hours Yoga Teacher's Training Certification under Yoga Alliance USA along with a month of Ayurvedic Training from Kerala, India. He realized through his journey of helping others that our mind, body and soul needs to be aligned for true health and happiness. His journey has led him to establish The Healing Lab, a safe space for people to realize, recode and regenerate themselves to who they want to be in life.