Welcome to The Global School For The Future™

So you want to change the world. What challenges do you want to solve? Where do you start?

We have created the content, training and programs to help you ignite your passion, unlock your purpose, unleash your potential and create your pathway.

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them
tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Integrated Elements of The Global School For The Future™



Prepare the SOIL. SEEDs for the Future


EAT for the FUTURE.

Educate. Act. Transform


FEAST for the Future

Forecast. Empower. Accelerate. Sustain. Transcend.


The Holistic Hungry Philosophy

We all start as seeds. So do our ideas. Different soils grow different seeds. Different seeds bear different fruits. No matter your background, we believe that everyone has the right to build a brighter future. Just like in Mother Nature, we all have a place at the table. As we are all stakeholders in the future, how do we help more impactful ideas bear fruit?

Gone are the restrictions of traditional, linear schooling. Gone are the limitations of venture capital’s broken model for investment. Gone is the dogma of cookie-cutter conformity of what “success” looks like. In their place, we have created a holistic, dynamic model that combines freedom with structure, technology with humanity and customization with common ground that works on all levels to help anyone who is hungry grow their idea from seed to sustainability.


We are connecting the dots and aligning macro-level ecosystem building with micro-level development of human capacity. to allow each seed to grow into bountiful fruit.


Reshaping Education to Pave Your Own Path to Resilience


Today’s young people and adult workforce face significant challenges in the face of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Traditional schooling is not preparing our students to adapt and thrive in a world of volatility. How do we help individuals, teams and organizations stay at the forefront of innovation and cultivate a forward-thinking culture? How can we retool education to prepare them with the lifelong skills to navigate and thrive in an uncertain future?


Starting with the SELF

What is your reason for innovation? Through our flagship IKIGAI INCUBATOR™ program, we help individuals, teams and organizations develop, align and unleash their 6 Ps in their journey.

Potential: What you’re good at

Passion: What you love to do

Profit: What you can get paid for

Purpose: What the world needs

Pathway: How do you execute?

Pipeline: How do you grow?


Customized Programs for Tomorrow’s Problem Solvers

  • E-learning Platform

  • Individualized Programs, Reporting & Guided Pathways

  • Workshops, Bootcamps, Courses

  • Training Modules & Content Licensing

  • Group or One-on-One Coaching, Mentorship & Advisory

  • Holistic Metrics, Measurable Results, Tangible Outcomes & Deliverables

  • Customized Projects


Transforming thinkers into doers through entrepreneurship.

Today’s founders, businesses and institutions face growing pressure to both do well and do good. How do we help them do better? How can we create market-based ecosystems that benefit all stakeholders? How do we build an inclusive, self-sustaining economic foundation to create jobs, stimulate entrepreneurship and spur investment?

We are passionate about working with our community and members to ignite entrepreneurial innovation to create brighter futures.


The Three-Pronged Benefits of Entrepreneurship Empowerment:


Empower the next generation of students. Provide the resources, mentorship and skills training to maximize previously untapped talent; enhance student capacity building and next generation skills for the future.


Cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs to identify, unleash and maximize their economic potential by creating their own sustainable opportunities with wider market access.

Economic Development:

Align macroeconomic policy with micro-level dynamics to build the necessary value chains for strong businesses. Design sustainable ecosystems to create local jobs, spur market-based innovation and solve local challenges.


Out of the Lab. Into the Market.


“I’m Vik, and I’m hungry to make India greener and cleaner.”

Meet Vikesh Sharma, Founder & CEO of PowerMitra, a Mumbai-based solar power startup on a mission to reshape India’s green energy landscape. Learn how we’re working with him to create an accessible solar power ecosystem across India that creates lasting benefits for all industry stakeholders, including consumers, installers, financiers, property owners and job-seekers.

Anticipating tomorrow. Advising today.


How do we make a tangible business case for environmental stewardship? How do we leverage new technologies to empower the most vulnerable communities? How do we reconcile short-term wants with long-term needs? How do we design circular, closed-loop economies that lower waste, reduce footprints and increase opportunities?

Enabling a Better Future. 
The Hungry Futurist is the think tank and consulting arm of The Global School of the Future, where we help startups, NGOs and corporates gain a competitive edge for tomorrow through insight and foresight into possibilities and opportunities. The Hungry Futurist enables organizations to improve strategic planning for the future through critical examination of the company's vision, operations and culture, as well as directional insight into industry, policy, market and consumer trends. In essence, we enable clients to create brighter futures and drive greater impact. 

We equip organizations with the tools and diverse perspectives to better analyze internal and external processes, behavior and systems, as well as prepare for various scenarios within an organization's lifecycle, including growth, maturity and exit.

Through big picture planning along with customized tactical recommendations, The Hungry Futurist helps organizations draw a roadmap for the future.


Inspiring Action. Connecting the Dots.


The Hungry Lab is committed to elevating the dialogue around our mission. Not only does our team speak around the world, we also nurture the young people, entrepreneurs and other clients to become thought leaders in their own right. By organizing our own events, as well as collaborating with our global partners, we strive to engage, educate and inspire a whole new generation of problem solvers.


Global Speaking

From TED events to UN conferences, from CEO forums to startup conferences, The Hungry Lab’s team and community are active in speaking, moderating and building dialogues to share our vision and expertise.

Pictured right: The Hungry Lab founder, Bian Li, spoke about the role of startup innovation in public private partnerships at the UN FAO and International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) Global Conference on Accelerating Nutrition in Bangkok, 2018.


Startups to Save the World™

As our flagship roundtable series, The Hungry Lab’s Startups to Save the World Series showcases the next generation of problem solvers at the intersection of technology, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

Starting in August 2017 in our home base of LA/Orange County, we have since rolled out a diverse array of events with our partners and startups in cities around the world and can't wait to have you join the conversation!


Workshops & Seminars

The Hungry Lab organizes a variety of educational events for both our community members as well as the general public on critical topics for social entrepreneurs, including Founder Fundamentals™, Pitch Deck 101 and Finance for Founders™, among others.

In 2019, due to significant demand, we are rolling out additional workshop topics.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 12.04.56 AM.png

Startup Inclusivity Series

In partnership with WeWork, The Hungry Lab kicked off this ongoing series on International Women’s Day in March 2018. Featuring a diverse array of innovators, entrepreneurs and changemakers, this ongoing roundtable series focuses on important topics ranging from gender to age and other factors critical to cultivating a diverse startup ecosystem.


Partnerships & Advocacy

From presidents and cabinet ministers to leading academics, scientists, journalists, CEOs and entrepreneurs, The Hungry Lab works at all levels to advance our mission for impact.

Pictured right: Bian Li with India’s preeminent scientist and founder of India’s Green Revolution, Dr. MS. Swaminathan. The Hungry Lab is strategic partners with the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation in Chennai, India, where we collaborate to incubate the next generation of agricultural entrepreneurs and the larger Ag-tech innovation ecosystem across the state of Tamil Nadu.

Pop Culture Classroom

As part of The Hungry Classroom’s innovative content, we are deconstructing complex topics into accessible, easily understandable concepts for all people, regardless of academic schooling, to understand and appreciate.

We believe that entertainment, coupled with education, is a fun and approachable way for students of all ages to absorb and retain knowledge. Some of our creative educational programs include:

Comedy & Climate Change
Standup with Startups
Pop-o-nomics - Pop Culture & Economics

The World is our Lab.


With an eye on social, economic and environmental impact, The Hungry Futurist invests its earnings into advancing sustainable, market-based solutions to global challenges concerning access, availability and adaptability in food, agriculture and water.

With a pulse on the future direction, opportunities and challenges of sustainable development and social entrepreneurship, we are engaged in the following projects and independent, in-house research.


Sustainable Supply Chains

Combining MIT research tools with a global network of farmers, companies and consumers, The Hungry Futurist is conducting research into the traceability and sourcing transparency of major consumer foods, from both land and sea. The Hungry Futurist is tracking the efficacy and adoption of various labeling innovations, consumer apps and scoring from watchdog organizations on the supply chain sustainability of major global brands and evaluating the implications for consumer choice and future trends.


Ecosystem Building &
Multi-sector Taskforces


The Global Goals

The Hungry Lab is proud to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We understand the significance of the challenges facing us and are working hard to be a part of the solution by incubating the next generation of problem solvers.