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FOUNDER FOCUS: Meet the Visionary Cultivating the Next Generation of India's Space Innovators

In this interview, The Hungry Lab founder Bian "B" Li talks to Dr. Srimathy Kesan, founder of Space Kidz India based in Chennai. She is on a mission to educate, inspire and launch the next generation of talent for India's space exploration aspirations. B met Dr. Srimathy when they both spoke at TEDx Dharavi in Mumbai.

"Mein aapke saath hoon". Yesterday, the whole nation of India, where The Hungry Lab works across the country, watched with anticipation for the final landing of the moon rover. Kudos to the scientists at ISRO - Indian Space Research Organisation for their hard work and passion. They're inspiring a whole new generation to reach for the moon.

And speaking of moonshots and the next generation, check out my interview with my friend Dr. Srimathy Kesan, founder of Space Kidz India. I got a chance to pay her a visit a couple weeks ago in Chennai. She is on a mission to create not only better innovators, but better human beings, through space education, science and reaching for the stars. From a humble start, Space Kidz is now receiving national and international recognition for their accomplishments, including being a finalist in the Google Lunar XPrize.

Dr. Srimathy invited me to the office, which was buzzing with commotion. Not only was a National Geographic documentary film crew on set, but the students - some as young as 10 - were busy preparing for a satellite launch the next day. I got to spend time with the students and was so impressed with their enthusiasm and professionalism. The future is so bright with these young people!

Check out her talk at @TEDxDharavi