The Hungry Lab Founder Bian Li to Speak at CWAT Bollywood Philanthropy Event

The Hungry Lab founder Bian Li will be speaking on the evolving landscape of philanthropy on April 30 at the concept launch of Charity with a Twist (CWAT), an innovative new app that allows NGOs to raise funds by monetizing audience engagement on a global scale.


About the Event

CWAT-Charity with a twist. It's a first of its kind entertainment and messaging platform that gives 100% of its net profits to NGOs of India.

To launch this first of its kind philanthropic concept, CWAT is doing a performance filled day on April 30th, 2019. This day will see performances by the Meet Brothers, Shruti Pathak, Aanchal Shrivastav and talks by Ritu David, Hans Dalal, Mae Thomas and by Josh Talks. It'll be an 8 hours long event to encourage people to go on and show their support by pre-registering.

With 90+ NGOs and 60+ celebrities supporting CWAT, this has the potential of creating a record number of pre-registrations.

There will be a large number of press and media present at the event.


Packed with features similar to YouTube and Messenger but 100% of the net profits is donated to NGOs of the user's choice. Imagine just chatting and hospitals being built and/or watching videos and educating a child and/or sheltering animals.