Pietro is the Managing Director of APP Advisers and Principal Partner at Flying Tigers Entertainment. A serial tech investor, Pietro is also an LP at San Francisco-based seed fund Mission & Market.

Since 2005 Pietro has focused on investment advisory and PE/VC projects providing advice to companies such as Texas Pacific Group, DreamWorks and Morgan Stanley.

Pietro has a Magna Cum Laude Business and Economics Laurea degree from University of Rome and a Master in Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

He spent more than twenty years in Consumer Products, Media/Entertainment and Management Consulting holding a variety of positions both as management and consultant for Unilever, Walt Disney, Sony Pictures Entertainment, McKinsey and Texas Pacific Group. With functional experience spanning Marketing, Finance, Business Development and General Management, Pietro has worked with and managed a wide variety of talent in Europe, US and all major Asian countries including China, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.